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Dear children, 

the light shines and the power well got into your heart through the rosary. The pain is in my heart when I see your sins. Come to Fatima Saturday with a pure heart and not with the contradition to God and in the sin. The power of the love of the Virgin Mary is in a powerful addition to the Scripture and it is the Holy Fatima Ave. Mainly change your habits. Do not smoke, do not murmur, do not grumble and believe in the Virgin Mary as your mother.  

(Mary to Eva, 07/03/2010 through Fatima Saturday, Monastery church in Pezinok)


Dear children, 
weak work are not in my house. For the love to the Virgin Mary, Jesus sacrificed Himself on the Cross and suffered it for your sins. Sodom is in the hell and do not work in vain on something what is not mine. Entrust your lifes to God and reserve for good Works something else in your life, what is ordinary, but entrust it to the Lord. Because also the poet creates from the Lord, but not allways and all. Because understand your Works as powerful acts of the Lord or devil. Entrust it in my house of God to the hands of Virgin Mary and sanctify yourself to her properly as her priests and priestesses. Because you still turn for the sin and you understand it that it is better than God’s, but better is to have Mary and with her to do ordinary things and live with her. One is the Lord and one is the Virgin Mary. Believe that Mary is not in the House of God for several people, but for everyone and speak about her to your neighbors, friends, knowns. She is a powerful to change their hearts to similar to priest of Mary and her child is worthy of eternal life. Perdition of people is sometimes on you and you still hesitate with the testimony. But Mary is powerful and changes people's hearts. Believe in the awaking in your life so as you believe that God created the world. And he wants that people know that the author of works on the Earth is the Lord and that he shall be celebrated. Believe that you shall have works from the Lord and that you shall pray out purity of your heart, your hands, your life and your works. Seduction is easy, but devil uses ordinary things for it, to seduce you to blasphemy to the Virgin Mary and her priests. Because the Lord will destroy those who reluct to him. In heaven nobody shuts to himself and (nobody) keeps silence about God. Praise let is multiplied in your life. Leave things of Sodom aside and warn children to pornos and sinful deeds they do, otherwise you will not see them forever and they will suffer forever. Possessing by porno and resistance against God is great weapon of Satan in lifes of your children. Do you exactly know what i tis to divide light from the darkness? The Lord divided light from the darkness and and beautify his tent through the Catholic Church. Change your attitude to the Lord and to the Virgin Mary. Because your speech shall be yes, yes and no, no, but you do not know in what. Certainly not in it that you continue in the sin. Mary sits in the church and nobody waxes in praises. Preach about her and believe in the practice of the Catholic Church and in election of Marian honour for the salvation of your neighbors. First of all, lift your work of God and not ordinary and so walk by life. Because the straw will be burned and will be shown gold. You know exactly that belivers are possesed by devil and you walk with them to sin. You traduce believers and saints and behind the back you slander them from jealousy. Have speech rather sweet by Mary and devote your mind to something peaceful. Only one thing hinder to Mary and it is the sin. One of them is the unbelief. This is it that the unbelief grows or lessens and therefore care for education of the youth and do not expect great faith immediately.
If you neglect education, they will go to the hell and you also. You will not fool God nor people, only yourselves. The Lord sat near God and did not speak about evil or the sin, but he praised him in the spirit and the truth. Therefore entrust your lives to Virgin Mary, priests and deacons. Do not sleep by spirit omit the richness of Marian revelations and education. And bring Scriptures with you on holidays and read. Will go further cry? No! But he will hang pictures at home and will pray. It is exactly revealed what it is spirituality. Believe, that the Lord will not accept to heaven people, who still trys to offend everyone and trump up the evil. Therefore find peaceful way and not balancing of the boredom by the sin and by drinking, which God disinherited from heaven. Hang at home holy things and devote yourselves to God and look on the faith of saints, believe, that your is not so, only because of sins and not adicting to holy things. Do not sleep in my House, but listen the word of the Lord. Take the example from it what is a visionary and pray out gifts. Hang at home something beautiful and addict yourselves to God. Take delight from light and not dread from the overdose by the evil, which is not from the Lord. The evil is from satan and when you think that not, is for you written: Follow peace. Hunt out the peace of God for yourselves and not money moreover for vain things and drinking. You will get old and it will be already late, when to you will rise the ubelief instead of the faith. Is badly in the house of God? Or is badly in the concentration camp? But the hell is in the concentration camp and there you are go about. And it forever. Therefore the Lord will divide the light from the darkness and will take to heaven those, who will listen to his Word and look for how they shall live in accordance with it.

(Mary to Eva, July 3rd, 2010, during mass in Monastic church in Pezinok after part Fatima Saturday, where was another message up)

Dear children, 

I am with you. Again the Lord will return to sins. It is not good that you believe in your own gospel, but you give to children also the serpent! Lord no! You lead them into the sin and it is the serpent! Therefore repent and bear fruits worthy of repentance!

(Mary to Eva, July 13th, 2010, 22:00)


Dear children,
medicine can be put in the salt and also in the life. Medicines are sometimes vain here, but the word will help! Therefore, the Word is beautiful, because it is more than medicaments and even cures.

(Mary to Eve, July 20th, 2010, in Monastic church in Pezinok)


Dear children,
My Son is the Spirit of God, but not all of you what you deal with the Lord are in the Spirit of God. Your parent is not God and it is Satan. When you sin, you are devil's children.

(Mary to Eve, July 20th, 2010, Monastic church in Pezinok)


Dear children,

word of God has many clauses about different. Read! Go through it and think!

(Mary to Eva, 26.7.2010, at about 22.00)


Dear children,
lie is called Satan. Please let the truth in yourself? No! Speak it! Many will deceive people, talk about them who sin! Shun the sinful life!

(Mary to Eva, July 31th, 2010, I had the dream about evil practics also before this.)