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Sv. Barbora
devy vydáva
Sv. Lucia
devy spracúva
Sv. Anton
lásku zapol
Sv. Mikuláš
svadbu nachystáš
Sv. Mária
dievča vydáva
Sv. Jozef
z chlapca otec
Sv. Terézia
bábetka počína
Sv. Anton
babetko počal
(Mária Eve, 1.1.2011)


Dear children,

the conscientiousness of the Lord is and also in your life and believe that He is the great expert on everything. Lord manages everything and knows everything. Consult with Him!

(Mary to Eve, 01/01/2011)


Dear children,

a sweet fragrance is feeling from Our Lady today. And she is here and knows about you. Want to have my holy and beautiful things in order, respect and love.

(Mary to Eva, January 3rd, 2011, 22.00)


Dear children,
you still believe in something wrong and you do not know to go to the library to study your faith properly. I beg you, divide for the Lord more time.
(Mary to Eva, January 4th, 2011)


Dear children,
birds sing is beautiful. Give them food! Believe that they will freeze up, if you will not take care of them.
(Mary to Eva, January 5th, 2011)


Dear children,
glory to the Father for unity and leadership of the whole Church of God and for help near each matter. Amen.
(St. Antony to Eva, January 5th, 2011)

Dear children,
glory to the Father for new Holy Rosary of St. Anthony of Padua. Faith in the Eucharist and in love! Therefore work with Eucharist in love! The man is for a woman and not only woman for man! St. Anton likes you and his body. Also you love your men as your own bodies. Precisely in the moment will be here also St. Theresa!
(St. Anthony to Eve, 01/05/2011)



Dear children,
St. Rosary is not the sacking, but for praying. Therefore, pray it.
(St. Anthony to Eve, 01/05/2011)



Holy Rosary of St. Anthony of Padua (Franciscan) see Rosaries



Dear kids,
I am here again, St. Therese and I know, what you want today, does not have to be for your good, therefore, seek first the kingdom of God and then the Lord will give you, what you want today. Because it is bad for you today to have something, what you will destruct, if you will not seek first the kingdom of God.
(St. Theresa to Eva, 05/01/2011)


Dear children,
glory to God! It is wise to go into a direction, which the Lord determines, therefore feel my messages and rosaries as holy! Believe that I am not evil and barren! I am fertile and will mother many children!
(Mary to Eva, 06/01/2011)

Dear children,
 for His Crucifixion I am here, Lord and Mary. Believe that it is my will that it is possible to see here it, what the Lord prepared for you. And it is me and Glory. Enter to my house is easy, but not to your, full of evil.
Therefore give yourself on peace and will of God according to the word of God. Decide to go to a great repentance and not only partial. What a joy will fill your hearts!
(Jesus to Eve, January 9th,.2011, Modra, CCH)

Dear children,
the glory of God and guidance from the Lord to each who remains in the Word and the prayer. I know what it is for the message! I am glad that the Lord is present in the Sacrament of the Altar and I advise you  to wipe tears away and enjoy from the Lord and praise him! Amen.
(Jesus to Eve, January 10th, 2011)

Dear children,
when you enter to the house of the Lord, all calms what is evil and you quicken. Know that it is not wrong to go to pray to the house of God early in the morning.
(Mary to Eve, January 1st, 2011, DKM)

My dear small children, princely,
believe that it is before my decision! So every prayer has the sense and it is also the weapon against devil and evil. Go out and believe that is also good, justice, love, truth and honesty. Therefore, put off every dirt, sin, hypocrisy and other sins. You will enter to my arms only so that you will tell me the truth. I am glad that you love me. I immerse you into the holy love of the sweet soul of our Lord and his mother, Our Lady of Seven Sorrows. Thanks for listening of all messages.
(Mary to Eve, January 14th, 2011, KM)


My believing children, princely,
I call to you again and I am glad that I am here on earth. Come to me all who love the light. Wipe away every tear and believe in angels of the Lord as I am, Gabriel. This day believe and also during all the days do not forget on angels and on me. Serve masses with the faith of Christ and his Crucifixion have in honour!
(Gabriel to Eve, January 15th, 2011, DKM)


Dear children, princely,
believe that there is my peace here and the faith in the crucified love. I am glad that the Lord is strict and loves you also even if you are evil. Therefore do not get him angry and do not be evil, drunk and believe in his crucified love.
(Mary to Eve, January 16th, 2011, MK, 14:00)



Dear children,
to confuse the Lord with me? No! But is it so that the Lord is faith and love, and I also. Believe that soon you will see miracles. Seeing means to celebrate them and to receive and love. Want sweet things as blossom honey. I am glad that you loved much my things and messages.
(Our Lady of Fatima to Eva, January18th, 2011, DKM)


Dear children,
glory to God! Believe in the fire and its influence on Marian apparitions and believe that the Lord is very cruel to him, who does not love His Word and messages of the Virgin Mary. I also changed my mind to go into sin and think about it, too.
(Mary to Eve, January 19th, 2011, MC, CH, OLSS)


Precious children,

snow is here and I, Jesus, Gabriel and Mary. Therefore enter by narrow gate into my kingdom without sins and impurities, meanness and lies. There are also they both here and believe that they are not in heaven.

(Lord Jesus to Eva, January 28th, 2011, DSM)


My small believing and beautiful children,

sit quietly and believe that the Lord is unhappy, when you have  more speeches than is necessary. Also other time try to avoid strife and meanness: Have eyes and ears ready to watch and look straight at the Lord and his way, after which goes saints. Believe, that it is courageous to walk on it with sins.

(Mary to Eva, January 28th, 2011, DSM)


Precious children,

I, archangel Gabriel, manage many things on the world. Do not be wise therefore too much and believe in simple and pure Word of God. Also the Lord leads disputes about teology? We will see?! The Lord knows what he wants to have for a Word of God and his explanation is always exact. Therefore the main: Do not sin! And it, I, St. Gabriel, brought the message on the earth. Believe, that it is far and appreciate it. My house and genus is in the heaven during thousands years and I am not sinning. Therefore take example from me, heavenly archangel.

(Gabriel to Eva, January 28th, 2011, DSM)

Dear children,
glory to the Lord and to me, Jesus. It is nice here and I'm glad that I'm not hungry. There is taken care of t
he spiritual food. Therefore, go to my house often not to be hungry. I immerse you into the love of the heart of Mary and also mine.
(Jesus to Eve, January 29th, 2011, MCH)

My dear children, faithful and pure,
believe that I am also here, and I am glad that the Lord is here. Believe that the Archangel Gabriel goes to give the message for you. Believe that it is not more powerful monarch than Jesus Christ, our Lord. Laugh from something else, because you will go to hell. I'm sitting here and I am glad that faith, love and holiness came in the form of Eve and Jesus.
Go to follow the Lord.
(Gabriel to Eve, January 29th, 2011, MCH)

Dear children,
sweet Virgin Mary welcomes you in Modra? I am here and I will be glad, when you will go to Modra. Believe that for you is prepared other message and the glory of my Lord and mine will fill you with love and fragile grace. Be quiet with the measure and believe that the measure grants only the Lord and only to him, who is worthy of him. My fresh lips pronounce the message for you today, who feed with me and deal. Thank you for your love and attention. I am here and I look forward to all of you, who love the Lord and me and Word of God.
(Mary to Eve, January 29th, 2011, MCH)



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