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Rosary for the Archangel Gabriel


Rosary for the Archangel Gabriel


Begin:  In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,  Apostles Creed,

Our Father, Glory to the Father (As on the ordinary.)

 3 x Hail Mary:
1. , who
created us and sent the Archangel Gabriel
2. , who used the Archangel Gabriel for prophesy to Mary
3. , who loves us and also his Archangel Gabriel

For small beads:

1. , who changes his kingdom of love through the Archangel Gabriel

2. , who uses powers of the Archangel Gabriel

3. , who loves the service of the Archangel Gabriel

4. , who appointed precious Archangel Gabriel to bring to people different messages important for kingdom of God and the world

5. , who is the sovereign ruler over cherubims, archangels, angels and every created animal and human

On great beads:

For Thy name, O God, we are redeemed and believe that you send the Archangel Gabriel to the world to announce your prophecies in advance.


We love you, O God and believe in the grace of the Lord's birth from the Virgin Mary and the announcement of the prophecy by the archangel Gabriel. Amen.

(Archangel Gabriel to Eve, September 19th, 2010, in Modra in DK)